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Meet our Sponsors: Ārepa

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM: @drinkarepa FACEBOOK: /drinkarepa

Ārepa is a company born in Aotearoa New Zealand. From their inception, they have always wanted to showcase the best of New Zealand to the rest of the world. From our unique ingredients, research, science, design and most importantly - our unique culture.

The founders are proud New Zealanders. Zac Robinson has links back to NZ's early history - one side of his whakapapa descends from the Northland Ngapuhi iwi and the Ngāti Hao hapu. Angus' ancestors were some of the first arrivals from Britain.

Ārepa is a Te Reo Māori transliteration of the word alpha. Alpha means many things, but to the team at Ārepa, it is the unique frequency of alpha waves found in the brain. When people are in this state, they have 'effortless alertness' in performing their tasks - or the state psychologists call 'flow'. It is this frequency that inspired the creation of Ārepa, a product that could help enable great achievements through mental clarity.

At the heart of it, the reason for using the name 'Ārepa' was to link a scientific grounding, which is the foundation of anything that the team creates, to their unique New Zealand cultural identity and honour tangata whenuatanga - indigeneity.


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