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Meet our Host: Te Mīhana Māori

YOUTUBE: @temihana FACEBOOK: /TeMihanaMaori INSTAGRAM: @temihanamaori

Te Mīhana Māori

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Te Mīhana Māori is the Māori Anglican Church based in Grafton, Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland). Experience worship and fellowship at Tātai Hono Marae, in a uniquely Māori Anglican setting.

Their hāhi (church) is a space where people can confidently express their Māoritanga alongside their faith. Services are delivered primarily in te reo Māori (with English translation available) with a strong focus on both community and whanaungatanga.

Weekly Sunday services are held at 10:30am, streamed online via both YouTube and Facebook, or can be attended in person at 2 Burleigh Street, Grafton, Auckland.

We mihi to Te Mīhana Māori for sharing their space with us to hold our Paengawhāwha | April 2023 Point of Order! event: Being Māori in modern politics.


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