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Meet our Sponsors: Newmarket Business Association

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

INSTAGRAM: @newmarketnz FACEBOOK: /newmarketnewzealand

With a small but mighty team of 8 people or 5.5 FTEs, the Newmarket Business Association (NBA) are the chief champions of all things Newmarket. Their team enables activities that promote the economic development of the area, assist with the attraction and retention of new business and act as the voice of Newmarket.

The NBA was first incorporated in 1937. Although their look and feel has evolved over the years, their primary focus is still much the same: to represent the approximately 3,100 local businesses and landlords in the Newmarket area.

The Newmarket Business Association exists to help support its members with a wide range of services: from organising networking opportunities for businesses to providing the resources for security and crime prevention for local retailers.

The Newmarket Business Association is also an invaluable source of invaluable information for businesses, regarding the goings-on in the Newmarket area, including local council projects and pending developments. Check out the benefits of doing business in Newmarket here.


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